Friday, December 17, 2010

Blankets of a Tiny Nature

This is my first attempt at a crochet blanket. I'm having a world of fun figuring out tension and stitches and all that sort of junk, but it's paying off, because now I have the makings of a very cute baby blanket. I am yet to learn how to sew in the ends, but Mum promised to teach me, so I'll get it eventually!

I've got a handful of friends that are currently expecting brand new tiny little babies, and I'm sure one of them has to be a girl! I figured that I needed a project if I was seriously going to learn how to crochet, and with so many pregnant women, what better to do than make baby shower presents?

I think there's something really special about receiving something handmade for an occasion such as this, especially seeing as it's so uncommon because the shop is easier and much less time-consuming. I think I'm going to make a basket full of baby-sized projects so that I've always got something ready.

I'll put up another picture as soon as it resembles a blanket, but I was so proud of my efforts that I had to show someone!


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