Friday, December 17, 2010

Ransom The Owl

This little guy was my second attempt at stitching a stuffed toy. I'd show you some photos of the first, but they're on their way to other people's houses in an effort to produce a little handmade Christmas joy :D

His name is Ransom, after one of my favourite book characters. He has a little owl-partner named Divine, but unfortunately I can't show you him, because he's also somewhere in the hands of Australia Post.

I originally saw the design in a beautiful little homewares store in Dee Why (My Favourite Things - if you're in Sydney, check it out, they have an amazing arm chair) and thought that I should give it a go, to get the sewing practice started.

I'm really quite pleased with myself for this one, especially seeing as the materials cost me less than $5. I thought that was a good effort!



  1. Thanks Ma! You're pretty cool yourself!

    Maybe we should hang out. :D