Friday, December 17, 2010

My Hipstamatic Camera

By the way, just as a side note, most of the pictures that appear on my blog are taken with my Hipstamatic application on my iPhone. I absolutely adore it, because it gives you the options of different flashes, different lenses, and even different film.

They (the designers, whoever they are) model the different options on already existing flashes, lenses and films that you can use on a real camera. My current favourite combination would be a Roboto Glitter lens, a kodot XGrizzled film, and a RedEye Gel flash. Here is an example of what that one looks like, featuring my lovely assistant Izzy. In this particular photo, she's getting into the Christmas spirit:

I have also been playing around with the Bettie XL lens and DreamCanvas film. This example isn't using a flash, because it was pretty bright outside. It's the view from the french doors in my room onto the verandah outside:

I'll occasionally post some new prints as I take them. Some of them turn out quite wondefully, while others of them look a bit rubbish... Oh well, persistence is key!


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