Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Resolutions

It's New Year's Eve, and I'm currently thinking about what the new year holds. My family has a tradition that every year on New Year's Day, we have a family lunch, and then we open an envelope which contains the previous year's resolutions. We read them out, and talk about how we think we went with them. After that, we'll write new resolutions, sealing them in a new envelope to open a year later.

It's a really lovely tradition, but I always find it hard to think of the resolutions. Normally it's things like "lose lots of weight", "be very healthy", "always have a tidy house" and other such things.

Today my family and I completely cleaned the house, did the washing, and painted our front door a new colour, all for a fresh start for the new year. I think it's important to see each opportunity to start over, so every resolution that I failed last year, I'll try and achieve in the next. Realistic goals are the key, and remembering that if you fall short of your goal one day, you can always pick it up the next.

Good luck with your resolutions, I hope that you've achieved what you set out last year, and that the new year holds something shiny and exciting for you.


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