Friday, December 31, 2010

The Christmas Slowdown

So as one would expect, over Christmas, the time for blogging seems to decrease, while the inspiration to blog increases. This has definitely been the case for me, as I've been so inspired by all of the things I've seen and done over Christmas, but I've not only had no time for blogging, I've had no internet connection to do it on.

This, then, is my Christmas catch-up, and it's rather full.

Christmas was a really lovely time for my family this year. We traveled down to my grandmother's house in Victoria, and my mother's sisters brought their families as well. As lovely as that was, however, there's only so much screaming from a baby that I can handle!

My grandmother is a master knitter, crocheter and most other things in the woolen family. Most afternoons, then, were spent in her living room with five women crocheting while watching Bread on the tv.

I know that Christmas isn't really about the presents, but my parents bought me the most wonderful thing this year - a huge collection of the most beautifully coloured wool, crochet needles, sewing needles, pins and lots of other little pretty things. I had just the one crochet project when I left home, and I've come back with at least 4!

I started out with my granny squares for a baby blanket, and I'm pleased to report I'm half-way there on that one. Next came the paper-chain scarf that might head more in the direction of bunting (it depends on how I feel when it gets to scarf length), then there's the chevron cushion cover, and then the chevron arm-warmers slash fingerless gloves.

I've only been a crocheter for about a month now, so being able to spend the time with my grandma, my mother and my aunts was perfect opportunity for learning new patterns.

The paper chain scarf was a bit of a challenge, because of the working round and round in circles. It looked great in the end, but it was a lot of concentration on my behalf to get it to look that straight! Because of my lack of concentration, I'd switched projects before I'd gotten very far, so that's why it's only long enough to be modeled by a bear... Also, I've not learned to sew in my ends yet, so it still looks a tad messy.

Next came the introduction into the world of chevron patterns. This happened because my mum (see her blog - Teacups and Tiskets - here) was starting a knee rug with chevron stripes. I of course had to start it immediately, so I went with something easy - a cushion cover. I loved the colours so much that it seemed like a brilliant idea to make some arm warmers in the same style. I haven't sewn them up yet, but I'll post some pictures of them when I do. For now it's just the cushion panels wrapped around my wrist :D

I think that's pretty much it for the Christmas catch-up. I'm sure there'll be lots more to talk about as the weeks go by. I'm going to New Zealand next week, so I'll take my camera and get some more inspiration while I'm there!

I'll leave you with a few photos of what my Christmas was like :D

Dad's awesome pavlova skills

Nothing better than a tiny child who's excited by Christmas :D

Of course, while driving I had to use my Hipstamatic application to take some landscape shots!

You can be sure that you'll meet some interesting people while roadtripping. Their burgers were pretty good too.



  1. I"d love to wrap my chops around that pav....


  2. Definitely!! I think dad should make another one, just for more photo opportunities!

    Also, I think we should give Nigella Lawson's Christmas recipies a go. They looked brilliant!