Friday, December 31, 2010

Cafe Crocheting - A "Lost Art"

This morning I had breakfast in our local cafe with my mum and dad. We sat outside - because it was a beautiful and sunny day, which is rare here - and mum and I instantly pulled out the crochet projects. Dad, of course, pulled out a Tom Clancy book.

As we were sitting there working on our little projects, a woman rushed past us, heading towards another little shop. As she looked over, she saw what we were doing, stopped, and smiled.

"You and I are the last," she said. "Crochet is a lost art!"

Sadly, that has been the case, but only up to the last few years. It seems like crochet, knitting, and all manner of wonderful crafts are making a come-back! The joy of sitting in a public setting with one's project has been rekindled, and I'm seeing more and more people show interest in what had been given up as lost.

In my family, not only do we just create, but we tell people about it as well. Mum and I are both constantly on our computers blogging about something we've seen, or something we've made, or wishing that we'd thought of that brilliant idea first. It's entertaining to see us though, because wherever we are, we're usually both arranging the tableware so as to get the best picture for our sites.

It makes me happy to think that when I'm out and I have my crochet with me, I'm inspiring the people around me to get back into something that is not only practical, but beautiful and entertaining.

To those that are already "taking it to the streets" with your wool, needles or fabric, well done! You inspire the people around you to create! To those of you not there yet, I encourage you to get into something creative, even if it's french-knitting using an empty toilet roll with paddle-pop sticks taped to the outside. You probably don't realise how much fun you'll have!!

Happy (insert your form of creative-ness here)!



  1. The colours in those chevrons looks great.
    I love the mustard and the pink.


  2. Thanks mum. I'm pretty fond of them. I think we should do something together with those colours.

    Do we need anything else chevron-y?